Long Life Software slides

Here are the slides for the talk I gave at the ACCU 2014 conference.

This is the abstract:

Civil engineers build structures to last. Aerospace engineers build airplanes for the long haul. Automotive engineers build cars to last. How about software engineers?

Not all of software needs to be engineered for long-life, but in some systems the predicted market span dictates we plan for the future. How can we do this, given the uncertainties in the technology industry? What can we learn from the past? How can we take informed bets on technologies and plan for change?
This session will cover some of the important technical considerations to make when thinking about the long term.



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2 responses to “Long Life Software slides

  1. Axiomatic language (http://axiomaticlanguage.org/) may be a good language for long-life software. Its small size and elegance would make it a good long-term standard.

  2. Fabian Zahn

    Is there a taping of the talk available somewhere?

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