Cleaning Code – Tools and Techniques for Large Legacy Projects

Here are the slides from the presentation I gave at the ACCU conference this year:


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4 responses to “Cleaning Code – Tools and Techniques for Large Legacy Projects

  1. Hii
    Where’s the transcript of this presentation?

  2. Excellent presentation slides. I so wish I had been there to see and hear it.

    It saddens me how hard it is to make the point of focusing on quality. Several times in the past I have found it almost impossible to reach through to decision makers. Even after a ‘test period’ and after that we have proven that the speed of delivery and integration cost has significantly improved.

    Why are there so many managers, managing software teams , that does not understand the core principles behind sound software development?

    • meekrosoft

      Hi Kjell, It can be a frustrating situation. I think the reason is that internal software quality is truly invisible to those who don’t work with the code. The challenge that we technical folks have is to make an argument for improvement that is equally compelling and real as new features. It’s a tough thing to do, but I have seen it work.

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