How to cross compile Valgrind for PPC405

Here are the few steps required for cross compilation of valgrind for the PowerPC architecture.

First you need to get download the source.  There is a bug in cross compilation for latest release which is fixed in the source tree but not in the latest release.  So we have to check out straight from subversion:
svn co svn:// valgrind

I have created a little script to define the build environment:

export  CC=/nett/linux/MontaVista401/pro/devkit/ppc/405/bin/ppc_405-gcc
export  LD=/nett/linux/MontaVista401/pro/devkit/ppc/405/bin/ppc_405-ld
export  CXX=/nett/linux/MontaVista401/pro/devkit/ppc/405/bin/ppc_405-g++
export  AR=/nett/linux/MontaVista401/pro/devkit/ppc/405/bin/ppc_405-ar
export  CPP=/nett/linux/MontaVista401/pro/devkit/ppc/405/bin/ppc_405-cpp
./configure  --host=powerpc-unknown-linux --target=powerpc-unknown-linux  --prefix=/local/valgrind --build=i486-cross-linux-gnu</pre>

Then you just have to make && make install.  Simple!


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  1. Stu

    Nice little script, cheers :)

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